Deep Search Basket

Keyword Tool For Amazon

10’s of millions of people are using Amazon worldwide to find and buy products. The Seller Seo keyword tool helps you market your product to those Amazon customers. Our Amazon Keyword Tool is using real Amazon data to generate a HUGE number of ultra relevant keywords that can be used for Amazon keyword optimization or Amazon PPC.

You can use the Seller SEO Keyword Tool absolutely free. All we ask is that if you love the tool you tell people about it.

Keyword Research Tool For Amazon

No other tool has any many advanced features like the Amazon keyword basket, and the ultra deep keyword search. We will give you up to 10 times the amount of merchant ready words to use in your Amazon listing optimization, or with your Amazon PPC.

How To Do An Amazon Keyword Search

To do a keyword search, simply enter a search phrase. To do a deep search, simply enter your phrase and email address, and we will email you the results within 20 minutes. To build a keyword basket, simply search and select keywords from multiple searches and add them to your basket. Once you’re done collecting them, download your collected keywords into a csv, excel, or pdf file.

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